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Flower Class Corvette (1/96th)741 viewsThis gives a good view of the intricate detail found on even a small warship model. Although it is only to 1/96th scale, it compares quite well with its 1/48th scale equivalent.
(Model by John Davies)
Flower Class Corvette (1/96th)771 viewsThis little model is one of my favourites. It is based on the Deans Marine 1/96th Flower class corvette, with some added detail. It is only two feet long, and can be carried to the pond in one hand. But in spite of this, it can be put afloat in the sort of weather which has many people nervously hauling their models out.
(Model by John Davies)
Flower Class Corvette (1/48th)743 viewsThis gives a good view of the intricate detail found on a warship model.
(Model by John Davies)
Flower Class Corvette (1/48th)740 viewsThis is a big, seaworthy model, which makes a lovely display piece, and can be sailed in almost any weather. Sirmar, whose hull and fittings this model is based on, liked the picture well enough to use it on their site.
(Model by John Davies)
Coaster "John Masefield"1120 views"Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smokestack, butting up the Channel in the mad March days...." If you don't know Masefield's "Cargoes", you should. This model came to us basically sound, but needing some tidying up, and a new mechanism fitting. We did this, then sold her on. Here she is, running trials. What can be nicer than a pretty scale model, on a fine sunny morning?
(Model by unknown builder, restored by John Davies)
Marie Felling652 viewsWe don’t just do full builds. We tailor what we do to what you want. This is a case in point. The Caldercraft “Marie Felling” is, with “Imara”, one of their two big tugs. Personally, I think “Marie Felling” has more character. We bought this one in at an early stage of construction. Before I completed it, I got a phone call from one of our long-term clients (we do seem to get a lot of repeat trade, loyal clients who keep coming back!) Could I find him a big tug kit he could build, and could I put the mechanism in for him?
(Model commenced by unknown builder, modified by John Davies)
Marie Felling.697 viewsNow the fun started. Like “Imara”, the “Marie Felling” is produced in two versions; twin-screw, which is authentic, and single-screw, which is not. This one, like most of the “Marie Fellings” I’ve seen, was single screw. So I filled in the propellor aperture in the deadwood, added plating and rivet detail to match the GRP moulding, and fitted two shafts with A frames and big brass props. You’d have to look very closely to see that was not as originally moulded. Two powerful motors and a sophisticated control system completed the package, she ran a successful trial voyage, and she went off to her delighted new owner who will now have many happy months spare-time work fitting her out.
(Model commenced by unknown builder, modified by John Davies)
Sir Galahad568 viewsThe model recently had its mechanism refurbished, and is shown here still going strong, over twenty-one years from the date it was built. A good scale model really does last well.
(Model by John Davies)
Trafalgar Surfacing.724 viewsBlow ballast and up she comes!
(Model by John Davies)
Trafalgar diving.607 viewsPump in ballast and down she goes. She will run beautifully under water, fast, level and stable. Unfortunately, she defied all attempts to photograph her doing so! All my attempts produced lovely pictures of areas of open, empty, water. But that's the point of a submarine really. Underwater, they can be very hard to detect.
(Model by John Davies)
Trafalgar class submarine.608 viewsJust like the real boat, the model Trafalgar class is not really happy on the surface. But pump in ballast and she slips below into her true element.
(Model by John Davies)
Trafalgar class submarine.661 viewsThis big black beast is a Sheerline Models Trafalgar class submarine. The Trafalgar class boats are the Royal Navy's current class of nuclear hunter-killer boats. They are among the most sophisticated, quietest, most effective boats in the world. The model is quite an intricate little machine. Just like the real thing, both rudders and planes work, and an onboard tank will either flood with ballast or blow it out.
(Model by John Davies)
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