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Small fishing boat.687 viewsNot all working models have to be big and expensive. This little motor fishing vessel shows that quite a small boat can incorporate a delightful range of detail. We have a particular fondness for this type of model. It will sit on a bookshelf and add a touch of colour and interest to your room, but you don't have to rearrange the whole room to make space for it. It is easy to transport to the water, and if the pond is some distance from the carpark, you can carry it easily in one hand. She looks good on the water, and her seaworthy lines assure her of a good performance.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Small fishing boat. (detail)698 views
Fishguard lifeboat.765 viewsThe present Fishguard lifeboat, "Blue Peter VII", was the first offshore lifeboat to be paid for by the famous television programme. Their previous endowments to the RNLI had been inshore boats.
This model is based on the well-known Model Slipway kit. She was an elaborate and time-consuming model to build, taking over four hundred hours. Since every lifeboat is slightly different, we carried out a research visit to Fishguard to check what minor changes had been made to their boat, in order to ensure the accuracy of the model. The kit is extremely detailed, down to the rivets on the frames on the flying-bridge windscreens, and the keyboard on the computer-operated radar in the wheelhouse. She makes a magnificent model, which has a lively and convincing performance on the water.
The Model Slipway, who manufacture the kit on which this model is based, paid me a very pretty compliment on its appearance, and stated that they are happy to refer any requests they receive for completed versions of their range of kits to me.
(model by John Davies)
Tug Furie.759 viewsThis working model of a steam tugboat is twenty-seven inches long. She is small enough to be easy to store and display, easy to transport to the water, but big enough to carry a convincing level of detail. She has a good presence on the water.
She is a complete pleasure to sail. At the end of a demanding day's work, take a little ship like this to the water. Put her afloat. As she gathers way, spinning her delicate web of illusion, looking every inch a little ship in great waters, you can feel the day's cares wash away. Model boats can be very therapeutic.
She is based on the famous Dutch steam tug "Furie", now preserved. Tugs are an important part of the Dutch maritime heritage. The Dutch are the world's marine salvage specialists, and many of the world's largest and most powerful tugs sail under their flag. "Furie", exemplifying a vessel from an earlier age, is something of a national monument.
This model is now in the famous Childe Beale collection.
(model by John Davies)
Sir Galahad.714 viewsMy father spent the war in minesweeping trawlers. I built this model of the "Sir Galahad" for him in 1985. It was the first model boat I ever built.
Dragon class keelboat.866 viewsThe International Dragon racing keelboat was designed in Scandinavia in the 1930s. Scandinavian vessels are a byword for grace and beauty of line. The lines of the Dragon are absolutely classic. In my opinion, they cannot be improved on.
Dragon class keelboat. (detail)720 viewsThis model was based on a GRP hull, then lavishly fitted out with fine varnished timber, and rigged using the best model sailing yacht fittings. Control is by a simple two channel radio control outfit.
Dragon class keelboat.730 viewsAs you can see, she sails very prettily. This example was commisioned for the famous Childe Beale collection. She was the third of the type we have built. The other two were a matching pair, researched from the full-sized vessels for their owner, who still sails them enthusiastically in a hard-fought racing series.
(model by John Davies)
Liberty ship742 viewsTraditional merchant ships make lovely models, both as display pieces and on the water, where they have an atmosphere and a presence all their own. This model of the Liberty ship "City of Ely" represents her as she was post-war as a ship of the Ellerman lines. She was built for a gentleman who had sailed the real vessels as a Merchant Navy officer. He was highly delighted with his little ship. One of the delights of building on a fairly capacious hull is that it is possible to incorporate extra features. She has a working anchor winch and navigation lights. There are many possibilities for models of this nature. Contact us for details.
(model by John Davies)
Liberty ship683 views
Clan Ross cargo liner.1042 viewsA magnificent model, well over four feet long, lovely lines, great areas of individually-laid planked deck, intricate rig, and looks absolutely stunning on the water. How I regret not taking the camera along to her trials. A heavy model to launch, of course, and not especially manoevarable. She does best what the real ships did; cruises happily forever on remarkably little power. But what a magnificent picture she makes afloat. Such lovely ships have gone from the world's oceans. Would you like to commission your own miniature?
HMS Cossack982 viewsWell known as the command of captain (later Admiral Sir Philip) Vian, who rescued 299 British seamen from the Altmark, and played a decisive role in the sinking of the Bismarck.
Vian did not suffer fools at all, and had absolutely no time for inefficiency. He was reputed to be intolerant, completely tactless, and an absolutely superb fighting sailor; truly one of the very great captains.
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