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Juliana 3602 viewsHere she is running in calmer water through the gathering dusk, making a very atmospheric picture with her navigation lights lit.
(Model by family builder, restored by John Davies)
Liberty ship683 views
Liberty ship742 viewsTraditional merchant ships make lovely models, both as display pieces and on the water, where they have an atmosphere and a presence all their own. This model of the Liberty ship "City of Ely" represents her as she was post-war as a ship of the Ellerman lines. She was built for a gentleman who had sailed the real vessels as a Merchant Navy officer. He was highly delighted with his little ship. One of the delights of building on a fairly capacious hull is that it is possible to incorporate extra features. She has a working anchor winch and navigation lights. There are many possibilities for models of this nature. Contact us for details.
(model by John Davies)
Marie Felling652 viewsWe don’t just do full builds. We tailor what we do to what you want. This is a case in point. The Caldercraft “Marie Felling” is, with “Imara”, one of their two big tugs. Personally, I think “Marie Felling” has more character. We bought this one in at an early stage of construction. Before I completed it, I got a phone call from one of our long-term clients (we do seem to get a lot of repeat trade, loyal clients who keep coming back!) Could I find him a big tug kit he could build, and could I put the mechanism in for him?
(Model commenced by unknown builder, modified by John Davies)
Marie Felling.697 viewsNow the fun started. Like “Imara”, the “Marie Felling” is produced in two versions; twin-screw, which is authentic, and single-screw, which is not. This one, like most of the “Marie Fellings” I’ve seen, was single screw. So I filled in the propellor aperture in the deadwood, added plating and rivet detail to match the GRP moulding, and fitted two shafts with A frames and big brass props. You’d have to look very closely to see that was not as originally moulded. Two powerful motors and a sophisticated control system completed the package, she ran a successful trial voyage, and she went off to her delighted new owner who will now have many happy months spare-time work fitting her out.
(Model commenced by unknown builder, modified by John Davies)
MTB07656 viewsOn the water, this model has a performance which evokes the original quite satisfactorily.
(Model by John Davies)
MTB07659 viewsThis is a model of an early-WW2 RN MTB, part of a force which endeavoured to defend Hong Kong against the Japanese invasion. After they were overwhelmed, some of the crews made an amazing overland escape across China. The full story can be found at, for whom this model was built.
(Model by John Davies)
Peggy787 viewsThis model is over four feet long, and weighs over twenty pounds. She is thus fairly demanding of display space. Every expedition to the water demands careful planning, to get her in and out of the car without damage, and to transport her safely from the car-park to the water. But what a magnificent picture she makes! Models of this kind carry a level of detail, and acheieve a presence on the water, which their smaller sisters simply cannot match. She has a full range of working features, including navigation lights which work in two modes; steaming, or lying to her nets.
Peggy800 viewsThey were built to pursue "the silver harvest, free to all", the herring which once swarmed in the North sea in huge, seemingly inexhaustible shoals. Now, due to a combination of overfishing and pollution, herring stocks have collapsed to the point where no more can be landed from the North Sea. We are learning, slowly and late, that the natural world is not an inexhaustible storehouse of resources to be plundered at will.
Peggy803 viewsThis fine model of a North Sea Herring Drifter represents a vanished era. They were built in their thousands, but now only one remains in preservation. They evoke not only a vanished industry, but a major change in our attitudes to the natural world.
Peggy (detail)824 viewsA professional commission for a model of this nature is usually a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. I have had some extremely satisfied clients for models of this size. It will bring you the most enormous pleasure, and it will continue to do so for many years.
Eagle-eyed readers may recognise one of the photos from "Model Boats" magazine, in which it has featured.
(model by John Davies)
Pond yacht restored682 viewsThis large pond yacht model, a family heirloom, came into my workshop in a pretty dreadful condition, with a nasty crackle-finish paint over much of the hull, (there was enough left to ascertain her original colour scheme, but it was in a horrible state) crude holes hacked in the decks over the mast step and rudder head, no hatch, no chain plates for the shrouds, no rudder and no keel (I cast a 35 lb lead keel for her and faired it in fore and aft), damage to the deck planking, especially over the counter, and no rigging parts whatsoever.
(Model by family builder, restored by John Davies)
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