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The Modelboatbuilder Services

The Model Boatbuilder is no longer accepting commissions.
We are leaving the site up so you can enjoy it, especially the gallery.
The description of Services here is of historical interest only, except we do still deal in pre-owned models. So if there is something you are after, you can always ring and ask. (0772 031 0057). I have fairly extensive contacts, and might just know of what you want, going for a reasonable price.
Please see Bookings for our farewell statement.

We offer three main types of service.

1. We build models to commission.
   This service is the core of our business,
   and we have had many delighted clients over the years. (See below.)

2. Research/ Restoration/ Part- Completion
   We offer a variety of related services; research, restoration and part-completion.
   Details on another page if you click this section's title just above.

3. Pre-owned.   We deal in good quality pre-owned models.
    Please note this service has its own Terms of Trade.
    Details on another page if you click this section's title just above.

ship Models built to commission.
You may wish to discuss possibilities with me as a preliminary:
there's a lot of choices on offer.
Or you may be fairly clear - or absolutely clear- what you want. Photos can be advanced to you and a visit can be booked by appointment if you wish.

Once you've decided on which project appeals to you, and how you prefer it done I will provide you with an estimate, or several estimates for different projects, or different approaches to the same project.

When you accept an estimate it becomes a firm quote. If the job comes out over time or over budget, you do not carry the extra, we do. Quoting low to get the job then running the cost up is extremely poor practice, and we never do it.

Next, you will need to book on to the waiting list. This is not usually more than 6 months ahead. Booking requires a deposit of 100 which assures you a firm place in the queue and I then keep you informed as to how the queue is moving, as I do each job, until I get to your project. I keep in touch regularly to keep you in the picture while your work is on my bench.

Completed models can be collected by my client; or I can deliver in person; or if absolutely necessary we can use a carrier, but I prefer not to.